About Us

This blog was developed to discuss ideas that tackle the issues of post-neoliberal cities, where the citizenship is trying to assume a key role in the definition of guidelines for their own future.

The posts collected are dealing with this issue, and with other related issues that feed these social processes. At the end of each year, the content the blog will be selected in order to make a printed publication.

We do not consider language barriers, we are looking for incorporate all those contributions that you are interested provide. Therefore, if you want to publish in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Arabic or Chinese, it is better to us.

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Somos una Blog de discusión y desarrollo de ideas en torno al problema de la ciudad post-neoliberal en el contexto contemporáneo, donde la ciudadanía busca tomar un rol fundamental en la definición de los lineamientos que busca para su futuro.

En esta pagina, se recopilan diversos textos que tratan este tema y otros relacionados. Al final del semestre, el contenido de este blog es seleccionado para desarrollar una publicacion impresa.

No tenemos barreras idiomáticas, buscamos integrar a todo aquel que le interese aportar. Por lo tanto, si desea publicar en Inglés, español, portugués, italiano, alemán,árabe o chino, es la misma relevancia para nosotros.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Thanks for following my blog. Lots of interesting articles and links here.
    (A definition of post-neoliberal would have been useful though – I had to look it up on Wikipedia!)

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